Manpower not the only issue for Russia, notes CIA chief

28 September 2022, 11:52 AM
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Bill Burns (Photo:CIA/Twitter)

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Bill Burns (Photo:CIA/Twitter)

Manpower is far from the only problem that the Russian army is facing, so Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilization” is unlikely to turn the tides in Russia’s favor that significantly, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Bill Burns said in an interview with CBS News on Sept. 28.

“Even if he (Putin) is able to mobilize 300,000 troops, it’s not as if throwing people like cannon fodder to the front, many of whom will not be well-trained or have the kind of equipment they need, or logistical support they need as well,” he said.

“His military has a lot of other problems, manpower is only one of them.”

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Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin on Sept. 21 announced a “partial mobilization” in Russia.

According to official data from the Russian Defense Ministry, the plan is to draft about 300,000 reservists. However, the part of the published decree ordering the mobilization dealing with the number of draftees is marked only “for official use.”

According to Russian opposition media, the secret paragraph of the plan details the mobilization of around one million Russians for the war in Ukraine.

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