Civilians in center of Popasna caught between warring armies, city head says

29 April, 09:08 PM
A building in Popasna, damaged by a Russian shelling (Photo:Сергій Гайдай/Telegram)

A building in Popasna, damaged by a Russian shelling (Photo:Сергій Гайдай/Telegram)

The front line between Ukraine’s defenders and invading Russian forces is currently in the center of the city of Popasna in Luhansk Oblast, the head of the Popasna City Civil Military Administration Mykola Khanatov has told Radio NV.

As a result, the Russian invaders are killing the city’s Russian-speaking population with their shelling, he said.

“The situation is very difficult,” Khanatov said. “The Russians shell Popasna every day. They’re destroying schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, medical institutions. They’re continuing to kill massive numbers of the Russian-speaking population of Popasna.

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According to him, the invaders' attacks on the city have already killed more than 100 civilians:

“They are currently launching airstrikes,” Khanatov said. “Buildings are being destroyed. Previously, people could hide in the basements of block-of-flats, but now they cannot even save themselves there, because the building structures are falling in and just crushing people in their basements.”

The Civil-Military Administration is currently working on evacuating residents and bringing in humanitarian aid, and hope that the Ukrainian soldiers defending the city will also get the necessary reinforcements:

“We hope that our Armed Forces will also receive the necessary support and will be able to move the enemy back to their positions,” Khanatov said. “Because now in the so-called gray zone, in the center of the city of Popasna, our residents and located between the warring armies. They have no food, no water, and we cannot get to them.”

Khanatov added that all of the hospitals in the city have already been destroyed, and medical workers have left Popasna.

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