Conscripts from regiment from Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast almost all killed near Avdiyivka

3 March, 04:35 PM
The regiment of untrained conscripts from the Irkutsk region was almost completely destroyed (Photo:Кадр відео)

The regiment of untrained conscripts from the Irkutsk region was almost completely destroyed (Photo:Кадр відео)

A regiment of mobilized soldiers from Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast sent to storm Avdiyivka in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, has been almost entirely destroyed, RFE/FL’s Sibir Realii project reported on March 3.

Relatives of two conscripts told Sibir.Realii that most of military unit 1439 had been killed or is missing in action; only a few had been incapacitated through injury.

“My (husband) called and said he was in a hospital with shrapnel wounds,” said the wife of one of those mobilized.

“He told no one was left alive in the regiment. So far, he knows only about two wounded, the others either died or were abandoned there in a difficult situation. He will be given only a week (to recover). After that, they will send him ‘to the front’ again.”

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On Feb. 27, 2023, conscripted Russian servicemembers from Irkutsk complained to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that they were being sent into battle without training.

It marked the third such appeal of conscripts from Irkutsk to Putin. They stated that they were handed over to a Donetsk puppet authority militia, where “in one day, they were formed into assault units and sent to storm the Avdiyivka fortified area district without any support.” They added that they could be prosecuted for desertion if they complained.

Their appeal stated that “yesterday’s drivers, welders, furniture makers and metal welders cannot belong to the elite unit of stormtroopers and do not have the skills for it.” The conscripts claimed that many of them were over 40 years old and suffered from chronic diseases.

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