Cook and maid suspected of poisoning Russian-backed Kherson “governor”

7 August 2022, 08:41 PM
Volodymyr Saldo was hospitalized on Aug.3. (

Volodymyr Saldo was hospitalized on Aug.3. (

Russia’s Gauleiter in the temporarily occupied areas of Kherson Oblast, Volodymyr Saldo, whose hospitalization was reported earlier, could have been poisoned, Kremlin propagandist media report.

Allegedly, the occupation administration suspects that Saldo's servants may be involved in the attempt.

Reportedly, his maid and cook, whom the former brought on the eve of the poisoning, are the main suspects.

"Half an hour after Saldo ate, he experienced clouding of consciousness, then his fingers went numb,” the update reads.

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“In a few more hours he passed out. Local doctors performed a cardiogram and a CT scan, ruling out a heart attack or a stroke.”

After that, the collaborator was sent to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"Now he is in toxicological intensive care with a diagnosis of poisoning by an unknown substance,” Russian media reported.

“The results of the tests will show what exactly Saldo was poisoned with. They will become known to doctors within a few days.”

Earlier another Kherson Oblast collaborator, the Russian-backed head of Nova Kakhovka, Vitaly Hura died of wounds after unknown persons shot him several times.

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