Donetsk puppet authority leading figure eliminated in Horlivka

13 August 2022, 11:29 AM
Yuriy Krykulenko (

Yuriy Krykulenko (

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated one of the leaders of the Donetsk puppet authority, Yuriy Krykulenko, in occupied Horlivka in Donetsk Oblast, reported local news outlet on Aug 12.

According to the publication, a concentration of local militants was hit with a precise strike from Ukrainian artillery. Among them was a known local crime boss, ex-councilmember of the Donetsk puppet authority, and owner of the entertainment center “Bermuda”, Yuriy Krykulenko.

Yuriy Krykulenko was a member of the Horlivka City Council until 2014. He became the founder of the "Russian spring” movement in Horlivka, an astroturfed “separatist” movement, and then switched to the side of the invading Russian forces.

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According to local reports, he had tried to resume his criminal operation, which was primarily concerned with the export of scrap metal, and had conflicts with another representative of the criminal world in Horlivka, Armen Sarkisyan.

On Aug. 10, journalist Denis Kazansky reported that a fire broke out in the Bermuda club in Horlivka. Kazansky reported that the fire took place during a supposed meeting of underworld figures.

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