Czech company launches production of inflatable HIMARS decoys

7 March, 03:11 AM
Inflatable HIMARS help to mislead Russian occupiers (Photo:Video frame Elza Cox)

Inflatable HIMARS help to mislead Russian occupiers (Photo:Video frame Elza Cox)

Czech company Inflactech, which specializes in inflatable models of military equipment, has begun producing decoys that resemble U.S.-made HIMARS rocket artillery systems, company CEO Vojtech Fresser said a comment to Reuters on March 6.

Fresser said the company has added HIMARS to its selection of over 30 life-sized inflatables.

The CEO didn’t confirm if Ukraine is currently among the company's clients, but didn’t rule out that this will happen in the future.

"I can imagine that if we want to support a partner country which is in trouble, we will send them Inflatech inflatable decoys and they are already there or certainly will be," said Fresser.

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The decoys are made from synthetic silk, have a thermal signature and appear on radar scans. Four soldiers can set up and inflate a dummy target in 10 minutes.

"If you lead the enemy to destroy my piece of equipment by something that is four, or maybe 20 times more expensive, then you are winning economically," the CEO concluded.

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