Czech President Pavel urges expedited transfer of weapons to Ukraine

15 May, 09:05 PM
Petr Pavel (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Little)

Petr Pavel (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Little)

Kyiv’s international partners must accelerate the pace at which they provide security assistance to Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel said at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on May 15.

“Ukraine has a chance to launch a significant counteroffensive in the summer, and this window is narrowing,” said Pavel.

“The later the assistance comes, the less useful it will be... In order to use this temporary window that still exists, we should provide Ukraine with everything it needs – equipment and ammunition – by the end of spring.”

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He also noted that autumn weather conditions will prevent Ukrainian forces from making major gains against Moscow’s troops.

At the same time, the Czech leader stressed that there are opportunities to increase arms production in Central and Eastern Europe, but these efforts are currently stymied by a lack of funding.

"It's about better coordination: gathering everything and starting to produce quickly and flexibly," said Pavel.

He also added that there are significant reserves of Soviet-style weapons in warehouses in a number of third countries outside of Europe, which could be transferred to Ukraine.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Kyiv needs a bit more time to start the counteroffensive, as defenders are waiting for weapons from Ukraine’s allies.

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