Czech Republic to send $30 million in additional military aid to Ukraine

6 April, 01:19 AM
Yana Chornokhova (Photo:ČTK/Šulová Kateřina)

Yana Chornokhova (Photo:ČTK/Šulová Kateřina)

Drawing from its stockpiles of surplus military equipment, the Czech government plans to extend further military aid to Ukraine worth $30 million, Czech Defense Minister Jana Chernokhova announced on April 5, as reported by Czech news agency CTK.

The minister handed over a full list of assistance Prague has already provided to Kyiv to the newly-elected President Peter Pavel, along with an outline of what else the Czech Republic could spare without jeopardizing its own security.

“The assistance that we are preparing together with the Chief of the General Staff, costs about 600-700 million crowns,” Chernokhova said.

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“This isn’t financial assistance, this is military equipment that is still in our warehouses, which is ‘unnecessary’ and which the army can actually send to Ukraine without jeopardizing its own defense capability.”

According to her, the Ministry of Defense always makes sure that the equipment sent to Ukraine is replaceable.

CTK notes the Czech president’s recent statement, that suggested that the Czech Republic has done as much as it could to assist Ukraine militarily. At the same time, he added that the country could help supply Ukraine with more ammunition.

According to Chernokhova, assistance in this area is already taking place. She recalled the creation of a joint Czech-Ukrainian “industrial cluster,” and incoming supplies from private companies to which the government issues expedited permits.

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