Czechia ready to modernize more T-72 tanks for transfer to Ukraine, build maintenance and repair depot

22 April, 11:50 AM
Flag of the Czech Republic (Photo:yacubee / Pixabay)

Flag of the Czech Republic (Photo:yacubee / Pixabay)

Czechia is focused on supplying Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, ammunition, electronic warfare equipment, and air defense systems, Czech Deputy Minister of Defense Daniel Blazhkovets said at the Ramstein air base meeting on April 21.

“In Czechia, we combine the maximum amount of donations from army reserves, purchases from state funds, crowdfunding, and commercial supplies,” the statement said.

Thanks to cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign partners, there are specific projects in Czechia that can be quickly implemented and are included in the list of priorities for Ukraine.

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Within the framework of a trilateral project with the United States and the Netherlands on the supply of over 90 tanks to Ukraine, 37 modernized T-72 tanks have already been delivered, and that number increases every month.

“We propose to increase the production volume by dozens more if partners are interested in financing this project,” said Ales Vitechko, Director of Czechia’s Intergovernmental Defense Cooperation Agency.

Czechia is also ready to negotiate the creation of a center for technical maintenance, repair, and overhaul of heavy equipment within a state-owned enterprise and several private companies.

Another form of assistance is aimed at training personnel; the country plans to train up to 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers by late 2023.

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