Damage to the energy infrastructure of Kherson Oblast worse than expected – DTEK

14 November 2022, 07:28 PM
Energy company says repairs could take two-three weeks, a month for city of Kherson (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko / REUTERS)

Energy company says repairs could take two-three weeks, a month for city of Kherson (Photo:Alexander Ermochenko / REUTERS)

The damage done by invading Russian forces to the power grid in the liberated part of Kherson Oblast is worse than energy company DTEK had anticipated, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported on Nov. 14

The agency, quoting DTEK Executive Director Dmytro Sakharuk, said that DTEK is currently repairing the power line from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to Beryslav.

“The length of the lines is about 100 kilometers, they go to Beryslav,” Sakharuk said.

“Yesterday our specialists covered 75 kilometers. 16 pylons are missing, a lot of wire is lying on the ground. Today we are inspecting near Davydiv Brid and near Beryslav. I think there will be more damage there. This is the front line, there were hostilities there. In such cases there is always more damage.”

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He said it would take five-six brigades two to three weeks to repair the line from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to Beryslav.

"Today we are working with sappers,” said Sakharuk.

“Tomorrow we will agree with the regional military administration to work with a slightly larger number of brigades. We will work, we’re provided with everything necessary, and we have the personnel. The main thing is to remove the mines and work safely.”

He also added that regional power company Khersonoblenergo is establishing a power supply line from Mykolaiv Oblast, but there is no detailed information about the situation there.

"They are looking at Kherson Combined Heat and Power Plant, which was allegedly blown up,” DTEK director said.

“There are also reports of the destruction or mining of the 330kV substation. I think by the end of the day it will be clear how long it will take to restore them.”

Earlier it was reported that the first liberated settlements of Kherson Oblast could get electricity on Nov. 14. The city of Kherson will be provided with power later – possibly within a month.

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