Defense Minister Reznikov shares photos from destroyed Kherson airport

3 December 2022, 06:25 PM
Oleksii Reznikov (Photo:@rmaslovskiy_photo)

Oleksii Reznikov (Photo:@rmaslovskiy_photo)

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov visited the destroyed Kherson airport in Chornobayivka and shared his photos from the war-torn facility on Twitter on Dec. 3.

"These are the remains of the Kherson International Airport,” the official wrote.

“russians will understand the first three letters of the city name without a translator… this is the only thing they can get from (Ukraine). Many of them, now fertilizing our fields, have already learned this.”

The first three letters of Kherson in Ukrainian spell out an obscenity.

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During the occupation of Chornobayivka, the Ukrainian army constantly struck at the Russian military positions, destroying not only equipment but also manpower. There were dozens of Ukrainian attacks on the airport from the time of its occupation by Russian forces early on Feb. 27 until its liberation by Ukrainian troops on Nov. 11.

Russian troops themselves admitted that they were under constant attack at the airport, and called Chornobayivka "purgatory" for manpower and a cemetery for military equipment.

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