Denmark confirms sighting of Russian vessel near Nord Stream explosion site

28 April, 12:14 AM
The site of one of the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Denmark)

The site of one of the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Denmark)

The Danish Armed Forces have confirmed they spotted a Russian ship carrying a mini-submarine close to the location of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline explosions, Danish news outlet Information reported on April 27.

On Sept. 22, 2022, a Danish patrol boat, deployed to the east of the island of Bornholm, took 26 photos of Russian ship SS-750, according to the Danish military.

Joakim von Braun, a Swedish intelligence analyst, states that SS-750 is a specialized underwater operations vessel, while a former employee of the Danish military intelligence agency, Jacob Kaarsbo, claims it is capable of carrying out explosive pipeline sabotage.

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Oliver Alexander, an OSINT analyst, researched the Russian Defense Ministry's reports on SS-750's movements and confirmed that none of the areas the ship was officially intended to be operating in were located near Bornholm.

Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 (NS-1 and NS-2, respectively) were major supply routes of Russian natural gas to northern Europe – chiefly Germany and the Netherlands.

On Sept. 26, 2022, pressure in NS-2 pipes has rapidly declined, with the same happening in NS-1 a day later. Despite being out of operation at the time, both pipelines were filled with technical gas.

The incident that damaged the pipelines occurred some 70 kilometers away from Danish Island of Bornholm – in neutral waters, but within Denmark’s exclusive economic zone.

The Kremlin denies any responsibility for the incident. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claimed that “Anglo-Saxons” were behind the “act of sabotage.”

The pipeline’s operator, Nord Stream AG, said it’s currently impossible to evaluate how long it could take to repair both NS-1 and NS-2.

German security services suggested both pipelines could remain inoperable indefinitely, according to a report by German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

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