Draft Peace Treaty not ready yet, and ‘a lot of work needs to be done’ – Kremlin’s Medinsky

3 April, 03:38 PM
Russian peace talks negotiator Vladimir Medinsky (Photo:: Federation Council / www.flickr.com)

Russian peace talks negotiator Vladimir Medinsky (Photo:: Federation Council / www.flickr.com)

A draft peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia is not ready yet, and a lot of work remains to be done on the document, Vladimir Medinsky, a member of the Russian delegation to the talks between Ukraine and Russia has said.

 “Unfortunately, I don’t share (Ukrainian negotiator Davyd) Arakhamia’s optimism about the readiness of the draft agreement for the summit. We need to do even more work,” Medinsky said, according to Ukrainian news agency Interfax-Ukraine.

Medinsky claimed that the diplomatic and military services of Ukraine “lag far behind in the implementation of even those agreements that have already been reached at the political level.”

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He also said that Ukraine had become “more realistic on a number of issues.”

According to Medinsky, the previously agreed positions remain: neutral, non-aligned non-nuclear status; refusal to host foreign military bases, forces, offensive weapons; no development and production of weapons of mass destruction; no conducting exercises with the participation of foreign forces with the permission of the guarantor states; and the creation of a system of international security guarantees.

Earlier, Arakhamia, fraction leader of the Servant of the People party in the Ukrainian parliament and Head of the Ukrainian delegation to the peace talks, said that the Russian side had verbally accepted Ukraine's proposals voiced at the talks in Istanbul, apart from on the Crimea issue.

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