Intoxicated Russian military celebrate Mariupol Day by firing guns after curfew

18 September, 08:12 PM
Military vehicles of the invaders (Photo:Petro Andriushchenko/Telegram)

Military vehicles of the invaders (Photo:Petro Andriushchenko/Telegram)

Inebriated Russian soldiers started firing their weapons in the Primorskyi and Livobereznhyi districts of the temporarily occupied Mariupol on Sept. 17, mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko announced on Telegram.

According to him, as usual, the weapons discharge was fueled by alcohol and fear. In order to justify their stay in the rear of the full-scale invasion, Russians began spread rumors about the presence of a subversive group, which is how they justified their behavior, Andriushchenko claimed.

No civilians are believed to have been injured.

Video of day

Earlier, reports indicated that the occupation authority’s inability to normalize life in Mariupol has lead to increased discontent even among pro-Russian sympathizers in the local population.

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