EU plans to impose sanctions on far-right ideologue Dugin and singer Rastorguyev, reports Politico

29 September 2022, 01:46 PM
Alexander Dugin and Nikolay Rastorguyev (Photo:Collage by NV)

Alexander Dugin and Nikolay Rastorguyev (Photo:Collage by NV)

The European Union is considering adding 30 individuals to a new list of sanctions against Russia, U.S.-based political news outlet Politico reported on Sept. 28.

Among them are the Russian singer Nikolay Rastorguyev and the so-called ideologist of the "Russian world”, far-right philosopher Alexander Dugin.

Eight companies that have so far avoided sanctions are also up for consideration for inclusion into the list, Politico learned.

Dugin’s inclusion is notable due to his role in propagandizing the full-scale Russian invasion. He developed the theory of “Eurasianism” – an area of the world where Russia is hegemon, and which has been classified as a fascist theory by academics. “Eurasianist” arguments and justifications have been replicated or imitated by official Russian government policy. His daughter, Darina Dugina, was killed near Moscow on Aug. 20 by a car bomb speculated to have been meant for Dugin himself.

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The United States has already included him in the sanctions list of persons guilty of Russian aggression against Ukraine. He is also included in the list of those who pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine and in the Mirotvorets database.

Rastorguyev is a Russian pop singer, and vocalist of the band Lyube.

He supported Russian aggression in Crimea ​​on March 11, 2014, signing a collective appeal to the Russian cultural community in support of Putin’s position on Ukraine and Crimea. On March 18, 2022, he performed at a concert dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.

The European Commission announced its proposals for an eighth package of sanctions against Russia on Sept. 28. The proposals include expanding the list of sanctioned individuals, trade restrictions, and capping the price of oil.

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