Editor-in-chief of Shariy's propaganda website rebels against his boss, video address

19 April, 04:27 PM
Pavlo Ullah said that he wants to turn over the shameful page of his past (Photo:Скриншот відео Денис Казанський/Twitter)

Pavlo Ullah said that he wants to turn over the shameful page of his past (Photo:Скриншот відео Денис Казанський/Twitter)

The editor-in-chief of pro-Russian blogger and Kremlin propagandist Anatoly Shariy’s website, suddenly quit and spoke out against his boss, according to a video published on Telegram.

After 10 years of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Pavlo Ullakh said he suddenly realized that Russia is an aggressor and shared his newfound insight on social media.

He calls the eight years of his life that he worked for Shariy a “disgraceful page” that he would like to turn and that he wants to “live further in peace and by the law.”

Video of day

He called on his former colleagues to follow his example.

"Both I, as well as you – who this message is for – know perfectly well what our company has done and what disastrous consequences it has brought to Ukraine,” he said on the video.

“Many criminal cases related to our activities are being investigated by law enforcement. And now I have found that we all must account for our deeds. This is a message for you, my former colleagues and associates," he said.

He advised his former co-workers to provide information whatever they have to law enforcement as "the wheels of justice and fairness spin slowly – but are unstoppable."

"Law enforcement officers have a huge amount of information, so they will find everyone involved in incitement to war and violence,” he said.

“Think about what is more important to you? Is it maintaining loyalty to the propagandists who work for the country that is bombing Ukraine – where you were born and raised – in exchange for a low salary? Or is it helping Ukraine bring traitors to justice right now and maybe mitigating the extent of future punishment. This is not a joke. The number of tickets for the life raft are limited, so I recommend you hurry up to arrive in time," Ullakh said.

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