Eerie glow spotted in skies over Ukraine has locals puzzled

24 April, 03:00 PM
The mysterious glow was observed in a number of areas (Photo:hologim/Twitter)

The mysterious glow was observed in a number of areas (Photo:hologim/Twitter)

After seeing a “UFO” exploding over Kyiv on the evening of April 19 (in reality a bolide “fireball” meteor, NASA scientists later said), Ukrainians have become witnesses to another mysterious phenomenon in the skies.

During the night of April 24, residents of several regions of the country spotted a strange glow of pink and green colors in the sky.

Scientists said the mysterious display of color was due to the bombardment of Earth's atmosphere with charged particles from the solar wind, resulting in the ionization of nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

Video of day

That didn’t stop Ukrainians from sharing their impressions on social media, and putting forth their own suggestions about the cause of the mysterious glow.

And those who missed it were very upset!

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