Energoatom head Kotin to take over at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

5 October 2022, 07:35 PM
Zaporizhzhia NPP will be managed by Petro Kotin, head of Energoatom (Photo:Energoatom/Telegram)

Zaporizhzhia NPP will be managed by Petro Kotin, head of Energoatom (Photo:Energoatom/Telegram)

Petro Kotin, the current head of Energoatom, Ukraine’s nuclear operator, will take over as the interim director of the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), following the resignation of the previous director after being ab-ducted by Russian soldiers, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported on Oct.5, citing Energoatom.

“In accordance with the current legislation, permits, and regulatory documents, I have decided to assume the duties of the Director General of Zaporizhzhia NPP", Kotin said in a video message to ZNPP employees.

According to the Energoatom chief, the administration of the plant was transferred to Kyiv after the abduction of former ZNPP director Ihor Murashov.

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"All further decisions on the operation of the plant will be made directly at the central office of Energoatom", Kotin stated.

Kotin also added that technical issues related to the operation of the plant’s reactors will, as before, be solved by the technical staff of the nu-clear power plant itself, in coordination with the central office of the company.

Russian forces detained Murashov on Sept. 30, taking him to an unknown location.

According to Ukrainian law enforcement, the Russian military stopped Murashov's car on the road between the ZNPP and the nearby occupied city of Enerhodar, and took him away by force. On Oct. 3, Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom reported that Murashov had been released to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Later, the IAEA reported that Murashov would be resigning from his position.

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