Energy facility, military airfield reportedly damaged in drone attacks in two Russian regions

2 January, 01:34 PM
Surveillance cameras in Voronezh recorded an explosion near the Baltimore airport (Photo:Video screenshot

Surveillance cameras in Voronezh recorded an explosion near the Baltimore airport (Photo:Video screenshot

A drone attack reportedly took place in the Klimovo district of Russia’s Bryansk Oblast on Jan. 2, the Russian regional governor Alexander Bogomaz reported on the Telegram messenger.

He said the strike had caused a fire at an energy facility.

“There were no casualties,” Bogomaz said.

“All emergency services are working at the scene. An energy facility was damaged as a result of the strike, the village was left without power.”

In addition, a strong blast reportedly occurred near the Baltimore military airfield in Voronezh, Russia, at night. However, no information about the consequences of the strike has been reported yet.

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In recent months there have been a number of strikes on Russian military targets both in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, such as Crimea, and in Russia itself.

The Engels-2 air base, near the Russian city of Saratov, which is about 620 kilometres away from the closest Ukrainian-controlled territory, has been hit by explosions at least three times in the past month – on Dec. 5, Dec. 26, and Dec. 29.

The base is home to a fleet of strategic bombers Russia has used to launch cruise missiles at civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

Earlier, in August, Ukraine is thought to have struck a Russian-occupied air base in Ukraine’s Crimea, while on Oct. 8 it may have attacked the Crimea bridge – a vital Russian military supply line linking Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea with Russia itself.

Ukraine has not acknowledged responsibility for the attacks in Crimea and on Russian soil.

However, a couple of days before the first strike on the Engels-2 air base in December, Ukraine announced that it had developed a strike drone with a range of 1,000 kilometers, carrying a 95-kilogram warhead.

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