Estonia bans imports of Russian fuel in canisters

6 February, 03:23 PM
Russian gasoline can now be imported to Estonia only in tanks (Photo:sippakorn yamkasikorn \ Unsplash)

Russian gasoline can now be imported to Estonia only in tanks (Photo:sippakorn yamkasikorn \ Unsplash)

Estonia has banned drivers from importing fuel purchased from Russia in fuel canisters into the country from Feb. 6, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board reported on Feb. 3.

The agency reiterated that the transitional period for sanctions imposed by the European Union on petroleum products originating in Russia ends on Feb. 5 and the purchase and import of such products into the European Union will be prohibited from Feb. 6.

“As from Feb. 6, it is prohibited to buy, import and deliver petroleum products which originate in Russia,” said Piret Tinkus, head of the prohibitions and restrictions division of the customs security area at the customs department of the Tax and Customs Board.

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“The list of prohibited goods also include fuel used for consumption in motor vehicles. It is estimated that today, on the first crossing into Estonia, approximately 80% of passenger cars are accompanied by a 10-litre canister of fuel in addition to the fuel in the car’s standard fuel tank.”

Pursuant to the legislation, a resident of the European Union has the right to purchase fuel from Russia if it is necessary for completing the trip and returning to the territory of the European Union.

“It is prohibited to bring fuel purchased from Russia in a fuel canister into the European Union, as it is not considered necessary for basic needs, including completion of the trip,” said Tinkus and pointed out that the prohibition of importing goods in a canister uniformly applies upon entering all Baltic countries and Finland from Russia.

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