EU to buy long-range radar for Moldova to detect Russian missiles

14 March, 11:24 PM
The flag of the European Union (Photo:Dusan_Cvetanovic / pixabay)

The flag of the European Union (Photo:Dusan_Cvetanovic / pixabay)

The European Union is preparing a new military aid package for Moldova, which will include a long-range radar, aimed at detecting Russian cruise missiles potentially flying over the country on their way to strike targets in Ukraine, online newspaper EUobserver reported on March 14.

According to the article, the most of the package’s funding will be used to purchase a ground-based early warning radar. The remaining funds are intended for the purchase of military vehicles, engineering equipment, communication equipment, and software to protect against cyber-attacks.

The money will be allocated from the European Peace Fund, which is also used to finance most of EU’s collective security assistance to Ukraine, including the long-anticipated large-scale artillery shell procurement program. The decision to allocate funds to Moldova is expected to be approved by early April.

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In 2022, Moldova received about EUR 40 million from the European Peace Fund to support the country's armed and security forces. Recently, the speaker of Moldovan parliament, Igor Grosu, said that the government is counting on EU assistance in upgrading the country's air defenses.

Over the course of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian cruise missiles violated Moldovan airspace on several occasions.

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