Ex-State Duma member assesses chances for Kadyrov’s son to head Chechnya

8 March, 01:19 PM
Akhmat Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin (Photo:Рамзан Кадиров / Telegram)

Akhmat Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin (Photo:Рамзан Кадиров / Telegram)

While Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov’s health problems could very well be real, it doesn’t necessarily mean a transition of power to his son is in prospect, former Russian MP and now Ukrainian citizen Ilya Ponomarev, told Radio NV on March 7.

Kadyrov has been seen to be becoming increasingly overweight with a visibly swollen face, suggesting significant health problems, German newspaper Bild’s Russia service reported on March 3.

“First of all, there is indeed information that something is wrong with his kidneys, that it’s quite serious,” Ponomarev said.

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“Secondly, there is information that Kadyrov is spending a lot of time in Dubai now and is solving certain financial issues there. But this may be related to his uncertainty about the future of Russia and the Putin regime. I think this is even more likely than the issue of his illness or something else.”

The recent meeting between Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Kadyrov’s eldest son, 17-year-old Akhmat, sparked rumors this might be a casting for a new Chechen leader.

But Ponomarev said he doubted that was the case.

“As for Kadyrov Jr., it can’t be a casting because he’s too young,” Ponomarev said.

“Putin didn’t break the law even with (Ramzan) Kadyrov when the latter was too young to become the president of Chechnya.”

“Alu Alkhanov simply held the seat for Kadyrov for two years until the latter turned 35. So, I don’t believe that such a violation will happen in the future.”

“But it’s very useful for Kadyrov himself, as he demonstrates to Chechnya and to everyone else his closeness to Putin, who meets with his family. It’s a typical Caucasian signal.”

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