Explosions heard near airfield in Kursk at night

25 December 2022, 02:30 PM
Explosions heard at Kursk military airport (Photo:Kursk Bomond / Telegram)

Explosions heard at Kursk military airport (Photo:Kursk Bomond / Telegram)

Several explosions were heard near the Khalino military airfield, 7 km from the Russian city of Kursk, on the night of Dec. 24.

Local Telegram channels, citing eyewitnesses, reported several “clapping” and “loud sounds” in the area of the airfield.

Video footage, allegedly sourced from area surveillance cameras, were also shared online. Sounds of explosions can clearly be heard on the footage. The recording notes the time as 03:59 a.m.

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Russian authorities have not commented on the news.

These explosions, if confirmed, would join a slew of other blasts occurring in Kursk Oblast, which is located on the Ukrainian border. Eyewitnesses reported explosions in the same airfield on Dec. 14, and a large fire broke out at the facility on Dec. 6.

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