Faced with legal implications of the war, Russian elites are distancing themselves from Putin

25 March, 05:08 PM
Dmitrii Medvedev (front), Vladimir Putin(Left) and Viacheslav Volodin (Right). (Photo:Courtesy)

Dmitrii Medvedev (front), Vladimir Putin(Left) and Viacheslav Volodin (Right). (Photo:Courtesy)

To avoid potential legal responsibility for Moscow’s botched invasion of Ukraine, Russian elites are trying to distance themselves from Russian President Vladimir Putin, adviser to the Head of the President's Office Mykhailo Podolyak said in a tweet on March 25.

According to him, the former Russian president and prime minister Dmitrii Medvedev is trying to absolve himself from responsibility for the conduct of Russia’s war on Ukraine by claiming that Putin makes all relevant key decisions.

“Medvedev has publicly stated that the decision to conduct this massive special military operation (war) against Ukraine, including the destruction of civilian urban centers, was taken solely by the Russian president,” Podoliak’s message reads.

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“It’s an important signal – the (Russian) ruling elite is trying to distance itself, considering the legal consequences.”

Earlier, Ukrainian state counter-propaganda body reported that Putin is losing the support of Russian oligarchs, who are reeling under the impact of Western sanctions.

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