Finland seizes Russian Scientific and Cultural Center land and building in Helsinki

19 April, 03:00 PM
The Russian Center of Science and Culture in Helsinki (

The Russian Center of Science and Culture in Helsinki (

Finnish authorities have seized the land and building of the Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC) in Helsinki, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reported on April 18, referring to the debt collection department.

Stated as a temporary measure, the goal is to identify the land and building owners and determine whether they are subject to sanctions.

RCSC officials have three weeks to confirm, starting from the date of the seizure (April 11).

Russia is prevented from disposing of the seized property, or transferring it, until a final decision is made.

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The total area of the seized plot is 3326 square meters (35,800 square feet).

Seven apartments of persons sanctioned by the EU were also seized in Helsinki. Three of them are located near the RCSC. The area of the seized apartments ranges from 36 to 175 square meters (from 388 to 1884 square feet), with their values estimated between EUR 200,000 to 300,000 ($218,000-$328,000).

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