Olena Zelenska talks about her life in wartime

21 May, 06:27 PM
Zelenska admitted that she hardly sees her husband (Photo:Instagram)

Zelenska admitted that she hardly sees her husband (Photo:Instagram)

First Lady Olena Zelenska, appearing together with her husband, spoke about how the full-scale Russian invasion has changed the life of her family, in an interview with Ukrainian TV channel Ukraine 24.

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The interview was a rare occasion when she saw her husband, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, in person.

The first lady recalled the outbreak of the war, and said she can’t wait to hear the news of victory from her husband.

“(My) emotions were indescribable; a mix of horror and stupor,” said Zelenska.

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“We immediately realized that (our) life was forever changed; I live for the day when he (Zelensky) finally tells me that it’s all over.”

Zelenska explained that she expected trying times, from the very outset of her husband’s political career.

“I understood he’ll be able to overcome any challenge; I knew it would be difficult, and it was, especially now,” said the first lady.

“Nobody knew back then, three years ago, that we were headed for the hardest challenge of them all – war.”

Nevertheless, she said that nothing and no one could break her family.

“He remains a steadfast husband and person; (our) family, much like many Ukrainian families, is currently separated,” Zelenska said.

“But nothing will take my husband away from me, not even war! His life is consumed by work. We barely see him. We didn’t see each other (in person) for over two months, speaking only by phone.”

She thanked the interviewer for giving her a chance to spend some time with her husband, adding that she and the president often share wartime “phone dinners.”

“We’re doing alright – unfortunately, we can’t really sit down for a dinner, talk things over,” Zelenska added.

“Everything’s OK, we joke around; like every family in Ukraine, we’re waiting for when we can finally reunite.”

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