Former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Melnyk proposes Berlin next give submarine to Ukraine

29 January, 02:40 PM
Andriy Melnyk (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)

Andriy Melnyk (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)

Germany, having given Ukraine air defenses, and having promised to provide Leopard 2 main battle tanks, should now provide Kyiv with a submarine, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister and former ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk wrote on Twitter on Jan. 29.

A submarine, in the hands of the Ukrainian navy, which lost most of its main surface vessels to capture by Russia in 2014, could help expel the Russian Navy from the Black Sea, Melnyk, who has a history of making controversial and undiplomatic statements, wrote.

“Germany (ThyssenKrupp) produces one of the world’s best submarines HDW Class 212A,” he wrote.

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“The Bundeswehr has 6 such U-boats. Why not to send one to Ukraine? Then we’ll kick the Russian fleet out of the Black Sea.”

Earlier, Melnyk called on the German government to “stop the tank show” and agree to supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Melnyk, who was Ukraine’s ambassador in Berlin until October 2022, has a history of ruffling German politicians’ feathers with his outspokenness. He called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “an offended liver sausage” in the wake of the German leader cancelling a visit to Kyiv because the German president had not been invited – a German phrase implying the chancellor was thin-skinned and easily offended.

Melnyk has also had a brush with Twitter owner Elon Musk, writing “Fuck off is my very diplomatic reply to you,” to Musk on Oct. 3, 2022 after the billionaire businessman offered up a peace-plan heavily biased towards Russia and containing elements of Kremlin false propaganda claims.

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