Ukraine’s victory could help the U.S. revive its image after Afghanistan, says former ambassador

27 May, 02:21 PM
The Taliban during a patrol in the fall of 2021 (Photo:REUTERS/Jorge Silva)

The Taliban during a patrol in the fall of 2021 (Photo:REUTERS/Jorge Silva)

U.S. opposition to the Putin regime in Moscow, and support for Ukraine, may help restore the image of the United States as the strongest country in the world after the events in Afghanistan in 2021, said former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst (2003-2006) on Radio NV on May 26.

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 93.

"Our policy in the Middle East (over more than 20 years) has not been a victory for America,” said Herbst. 

“But if Ukraine wins this war, it will certainly be a great victory for Ukraine, as well as for the West and for America. This would show that autocracy is not the future — it's pure evil.” 

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Taliban militants launched a large-scale offensive across Afghanistan in early May 2021 amid the withdrawal of American and other Western military contingents that had been stationed there for 20 years. 

On August 15, the Taliban captured the country's capital, Kabul. In late August 2021, the Islamist movement announced the seizure of power in Afghanistan and proclaimed the formation of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan." 

The Taliban's talks in Europe ended on January 27 in Oslo, Norway. Western countries have ruled out the possibility of recognizing the Taliban.

Nearly 20 million people across Afghanistan are facing an acute food crisis, the UN has reported. Western governments and institutions have not allowed the Taliban access to the previous government’s foreign reserves and have cut off the organization from foreign aid, exacerbating the issue.

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