Former Wagner mercenary who fled to Norway to tell about war crimes of Wagner Group

17 January, 04:56 PM
Andrei Medvedev (Photo:Скріншот/YouTube/Гулагу-нет Официальный канал)

Andrei Medvedev (Photo:Скріншот/YouTube/Гулагу-нет Официальный канал)

An ex-commander of the Russian mercenary company Wagner Group, Andrei Medvedev, who has sought asylum in Norway, intends to disclose information about the war crimes of the Wagner Group in Ukraine, the BBC reported on Jan. 17.

According to Medvedev’s lawyer Brynjulf Risnes, the former Wagner mercenary is currently in custody in the Oslo area. Risnes stated that his client fled from Russia after witnessing war crimes in Ukraine.

According to him, Medvedev witnessed the “execution of deserters” by Wagner’s internal security service.

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“In short, he felt betrayed and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible,” Risnes said.

The lawyer said he believed Medvedev had brought some evidence of war crimes with him to Norway and intended to share his information with war crimes investigation teams.

In response, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder and financier of the Wagner Group, made a sarcastic statement in which he noted that Medvedev “served” in a non-existent Norwegian unit of the Wagner Group called Nidhyog, as he had Norwegian citizenship.

Prigozhin accused Medvedev of “cruel treatment of prisoners” and called his former employee “very dangerous.”

Risnes said that Prigozhin’s statements were untrue.

Russian human rights project reported that Medvedev, after participating in a full-scale war against Ukraine, requested political asylum in Norway and is ready to testify after Prigozhin.

According to the project’s reports, Medvedev – who was the commander and the entire 1st detachment of the 4th platoon of the 7th assault detachment of the Wagner Group — escaped from Russia on Jan. 12. He was placed in a center for violators of immigration law in Oslo.

Medvedev was the commander of Yevgeny Nuzhin, a convict and Wagner mercenary who surrendered to Ukrainian forces and was then exchanged in a prisoner swap.

After Nuzhin was exchanged and returned to Wagner, he was murdered by a sledgehammer blow to the head. Wagner mercenaries filmed the murder and posted the video online.

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