French President Macron promises to speed Ukraine’s way into EU

24 June, 11:26 AM
Emmanuel Macron (Photo:REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

Emmanuel Macron (Photo:REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

EU representatives will make every effort to ensure that Ukraine obtains membership under a simplified procedure, said French President Emmanuel Macron, during a briefing on June 23.

He added that the priority for the moment is to stabilize the geopolitical situation.

"We must act a few steps ahead,” Macron said.

“We wouldn't have acted in this way under any other conditions. We understand that there is a certain war exhaustion now, therefore we cannot allow this to continue. We must strive for stabilization within the current circumstances.”

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On Thursday, June 23, the leaders of the 27 EU countries at the European Council summit supported giving of EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

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