Freedom of Russia Legion explains how they got Western equipment

24 May, 09:07 PM
Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (Photo:Russian Volunteer Corps/Telegram)

Soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps (Photo:Russian Volunteer Corps/Telegram)

Representatives of the Freedom of Russia Legion, which recently raided Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, said the unit captured several items of Western military equipment from Russian troops, the legion’s press service said in a Telegram post on May 24.

“Together with RVC (Russian Volunteer Corps) we used equipment previously captured by the Kremlin’s army from Ukrainian troops near Bakhmut,” the message reads.

“We have successfully re-captured this equipment and brought it back.”

The incursion into Russia’s Belgorod Oblast raised concerns amid Western experts if the use of U.S.-made armored vehicles on Russian territory constituted as a risky escalation.

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The legion also asserted that the operation in Grayvoron district of Belgorod Oblast was a success, and their goals were accomplished. Two soldiers were killed and 10 were injured during the raid, according to the message.

“The enemy was defeated, some of them fled in shame; we captured a lot of equipment and took prisoners,” the report concludes.

On May 22, the Freedom of Russia Legion announced that, together with the RVC, they had “completely liberated” the settlement of Kozinka in Belgorod Oblast, and also entered the town of Grayvoron, commencing its assault.

Ukrainian officials said Kyiv is aware of these developments, with no direct involvement in what they described as an “internal Russian matter.”

Russian local authorities launched a "counter-terrorism operation," and as per the governor, several residents from the Grayvoron district evacuated. Moscow said the attack was repelled by May 23.

The Freedom of Russia Legion is a unit within the Ukrainian Armed Forces, established in March 2022 to combat the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The RVC was formed in August 2022, and is not formally affiliated with the Ukrainian military.

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