Zelensky: Front lines are 2,500 kilometers long, but we hold the initiative

21 June, 02:52 PM
Ukrainian soldiers heading to the war front (Photo:Zelenskiy/Official/t.me)

Ukrainian soldiers heading to the war front (Photo:Zelenskiy/Official/t.me)

As of today, the front lines of Ukrainian resistance against Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country are 2,500 kilometers, long which is a great challenge, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a post on social media in June 21.

“We have to deal with pure evil,” Zelensky wrote in a post on the Telegram messenger, which also featured a series of photos.

“And we don’t have any other choice left but to move forward – move to liberate all of our territories. We need to kick the invaders out of the Ukrainian regions. Though the width of the frontlines is as long as over 2,5000 km, we feel that we hold the strategic initiative.”

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He said Russia had failed to occupy Ukraine quickly as it didn’t expect the Western military help to arrive on time. Therefore, the Ukrainian army has essential advantages on the battlefields.

The Ukrainian army is now conducting a counter-offensive operation in the south, while also trying to push back the Russian army in Kharkiv Oblast. In the Donbas, Ukrainian troops are putting pressure on the Russian occupation line, trying to exhaust the invaders with active combat.

With Ukrainian society expecting the liberation of all of the occupied territories and a return to at least the Feb. 23 lines, Zelensky and his advisors continue to comment on all of the latest developments in the war.

All of the regions with combat zones have Ukrainian military administrations in place to take care of ordinary life, including basic services like healthcare, food supplies, and distributing pensions and social subsidies.

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