FSO officer defects, condemns Putin’s war, and spills some secrets about the dictator

5 April, 12:14 PM
FSO officer defects, condemns Putin’s war, and spills some secrets about the dictator (Photo:dossier.center)

FSO officer defects, condemns Putin’s war, and spills some secrets about the dictator (Photo:dossier.center)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin never uses mobiles phones or the Internet, is still self-isolating, and doesn’t refer to his adult daughters by name, a defecting Russian security official has told the Russian independent investigation team Dossier Center.

Russian Federal Protective Service (FSO) captain Gleb Karakulov, who was responsible for Putin's secret communications until October 2022, fled abroad at the end of last year with a trove of information about the dictator’s habits.

Dossier Center published an interview with Karakulov on April 4. The interview was taken at the end of 2022 and published now that the officer and his family are in safety.

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Karakulov said he could no long live with his conscience due to his job, so he decided to flee and speak out. The former FSO officer has condemned the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.

“I was due to retire in less than two years,” Karakulov told Dossier Center.

“I planned to serve out my time, pay off my mortgage and that would be it; I wouldn’t renew my contract. But in February 2022 a criminal war broke out, and I could no longer make compromises with myself. I couldn’t remain in the service of this (Russian dictator).”

Karakulov said Putin was a war criminal.

“Even though I am not directly involved in the war, it is no longer possible for me to carry out his criminal orders or stay in his service,” the former FSO officer said.

Karakulov managed to flee from Kazakhstan on the last day of a working trip to that country. His wife and daughter met up with him there, and they all flew together to Istanbul, Turkey. The Russian security services began to search for him in a few hours, but his flight had already departed.

Karakulov confirmed several interesting observations about the Russian dictator, saying in particular that Putin doesn't use a cell phone or the Internet.

“In all my years of service, I never once saw him with a mobile phone,” Karakulov said.

“During business trips, if we accompany the prime minister, there’s usually another person who travels with us, who’s in charge of the Internet – a digital office, a laptop, and access to the Web.

Photo: dossier.center

“With Putin, (such a person) isn’t needed. What’s the point of the Internet? I’ll print it out for you... (Putin) doesn’t use the Internet or a mobile phone.”

Putin receives information only from people close to him, Karakulov said, adding that the Russian dictator “lives in an information vacuum.

”Putin has long been rumored to be terrified of catching the COVID-19 disease, and according to Karakulov, he is still in self-isolation.

“We have to observe a strict quarantine for two weeks before any event, even those lasting 15 to 20 minutes,” the former FSO officer said.

“There is a pool of employees who have been cleared – who have undergone this two-week quarantine. They are (considered) ‘clean,’ and can work in the same room as Putin."

As is well known, Putin has two adult daughters.

What is less well known is that he only refers to them as "those women" for some reason, Karakulov said.

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