Zelenskyy’s Easter address to Ukrainians from Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

16 April, 12:50 PM
Zelensky recorded an Easter video address to Ukrainians on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Photo:Office of the President of Ukraine)

Zelensky recorded an Easter video address to Ukrainians on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Photo:Office of the President of Ukraine)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy greeted Ukrainians on Easter Sunday, April 16, in a video address recorded near the main church of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, one of the holiest sites in Eastern Orthodox Christianity – the Assumption Cathedral.

The video was published on Zelenskyy’s social media accounts. The full text of the President’s message is included below.

Dear great people of a great country,

At the end of last winter, Russia brought a full-scale war to our land, along with death, pain, and misery. On the morning of Feb. 24, the sun did not rise. Dawn did not come. On the morning of Feb. 24, a dark night began. And at the same time, our awakening began. Our struggle.

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The darkness could not overshadow our spirit, our desire for freedom, our love for our homeland, and our readiness to defend it.

We kept the light within us. We overcame panic, fear, conflicts, and quarrels. We united. Millions of sparks in millions of Ukrainian hearts became one big fire. In this fire, our strength and invincibility were tempered. This fire did not let our hope and faith go out, this fire was seen by the whole world. It rallied around us, stood by our side.

Then we defeated despair, disbelief, fatigue, and pain. Millions of lights in the eyes of millions of Ukrainians merged into one powerful beam of light. It helped us not to get lost in the darkness, not to stray from the path, and illuminated the way to the right goal.

This is what different generations fought for in different centuries. This is what our defenders of light – the soldiers of Ukraine – sacrificed their lives for during the last nine years and 417 days.

This is what we are fighting against the dark forces for today. This is our dawn. Our rebirth. This is the dawn of independent Ukraine.

Today, we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. Its main symbol is victory: the victory of good, the victory of truth, the victory of life. With unwavering faith in the inevitability of these victories, we celebrate Easter.

A year ago today, we all prayed for Ukraine to hold on. Today, we pray for Ukraine to win. We are not just waiting and asking, but we are achieving and creating this victory ourselves. 417 days. We have already come a long way. Ahead of us is perhaps the hardest summit. We will overcome it. And together we will meet our dawn, when the sun rises over our entire country. This blue and yellow flag will undoubtedly be raised on all of our God-given land, in all the temporarily occupied territories. Our flag will wave on the shores of the Azov Sea and the Siversky Donets, over the Terykony and Ai-Petri. The sun will shine in the south, the sun will shine in the east, the sun will shine in Crimea. The yellow-hot sun in the peaceful blue sky, and this is the light of justice.

This is the light of reuniting people and families. Ukrainians. Everyone who is currently on the front lines, and everyone who helps them in the rear. The radiance of victorious smiles and their families. The sparkle of combat orders of heroes who will return. The shine of happy eyes of parents, children, loved ones who are waiting.

This is the light of rebirth. The restoration of what the occupiers destroyed and desecrated. The restoration of our beautiful country, which will become even more beautiful in the future.

This is the light of truth and justice. The triumph of law and justice. The accountability and punishment of all who gave and executed criminal orders. All who killed, tortured, robbed, and will be held accountable in the international tribunal and in the court of God.

The heavens see our faith and steadfastness. The world sees our courage and resilience. The enemy sees our strength and determination. Therefore, Ukraine will see the light of victory.

Our faith unites us all. Always, but especially today. Easter, which has always been a family holiday for Ukrainians, a day of warmth, hope, and great unity. War could not erase us, our values, our traditions, our holidays, and the most important things they symbolize.

And so, no matter where we celebrate Easter, no matter where each of us is now, we celebrate Easter together.

We are one big family. Ukrainians. We have one big home. Ukraine. We have one big goal. Victory. For everyone.

For those who are no longer with us, who gave their lives for Ukraine. We remember each one and ask God to rest their souls. We believe in everyone who continues to defend their homeland and ask God to protect and preserve them.

With all our might, we fight for our land and ask for the support of heavenly forces. In the hundreds of prayers that our ancestors spoke before battle. They help and protect our warriors today.

Putting on the veil of Christ,
my skin is an iron armor,
my blood is strong and red,
my bone is a steel sword.
Faster than arrows,
sharper than a falcon.
Armor is on me.
The Lord is in me.
So that there will be a tomorrow.
So that there will be a peaceful dawn.
So that there will be victory.
So that there will be Ukraine.
Christ is risen!
Indeed, He is risen!

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