General Staff believes "Wagner Line” can be defeated

10 November 2022, 05:51 PM

The "Wagner Line" will not stop Ukrainian forces, the General Staff emphasized (Photo:Real Gladkov)

Ukraine's General Staff is considering options to overcome the “Wagner Line” fortification build outside the Russian-occupied time of Hirske in eastern Ukraine, a General Staff official, Oleksiy Hromov, said during a briefing on Nov. 10.

"We are carefully studying the process of constructing the line, thinking about the ways of overcoming it,” he said.

“Be sure, we'll definitely reach and overcome it.”

Satellite images from satellite imagery firm Maxar Technologies on Oct. 22 showed an almost two kilometer fortification line, dubbed the ”Wagner Line" after the Russian mercenary company, constructed outside Hirske. The fortification lines consist of cement pyramids aimed at stopping Ukrainian tanks and other vehicles from moving eastward.

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An analysis by CNN determined that this line may be helpful against a frontal assault, but it can by bypassing by simply going around it – considering the short length of the line itself.

A UK Intelligence update on Nov. 8 suggested that the construction of the fortified line represented a major effort by Russia to prepare defenses in depth behind the current frontline, hoping to forestall possible rapid advances of Ukrainian troops in the Luhansk region.

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