Scholz to Xi Jinping: Russia’s war in Ukraine causes great issues for the world

4 November 2022, 03:33 PM
Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping (Photo:Kay Nietfeld/Pool via REUTERS)

Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping (Photo:Kay Nietfeld/Pool via REUTERS)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss, among other things, Russia’s war against Ukraine, the German newspaper Spiegel reported on Nov. 4.

"We come together at a time of great tension,” Scholz said.

“In particular, I want to highlight the Russian war against Ukraine, which poses many problems for our rules-based world order.”

According to him, as influential powers, "China and Germany should work together in times of change and chaos to make more contributions to world peace and development.”

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Scholz is the first European leader who has met with Xi Jinping after the latter's formal election as the party's general secretary for another five years.

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