Germany’s Rheinmetall starts supplying Ukraine with SurveilSPIRE automated reconnaissance systems

28 February, 04:35 PM
Automated intelligence system SurveilSPIRE (Photo:Скріншот із відео)

Automated intelligence system SurveilSPIRE (Photo:Скріншот із відео)

Germany’s Rheinmetall defense concern has started supplying Ukraine with SurveilSPIRE automated reconnaissance systems used for monitoring large areas of terrain with as few personnel as possible, the concern reported on Feb. 28.

Rheinmetall said these reconnaissance systems consist of mobile surveillance towers with day and night-capable camera equipment, autopiloted mini drones, and a control system.

The scope of delivery also includes transport vehicles, it said.

Made by the Estonian company DefSecIntel, the SurveilSPIRE surveillance towers can be loaded onto trailers and quickly transported to their area of operation. Assembly requires three personnel, while operation is fully automated.

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The system includes wireless links (4G and Starlink) for video transmission to a mobile command post. Solar panels enable sustained operation without power cables or a fuel source.

In addition, according to the concern, the system relies on autopiloted reconnaissance drones that conduct patrols and mission-specific flights. This enables the inspection of detected threats and lets the operator initiate any necessary countermeasures.

Rheinmetall is already taking part in several projects in support of Ukraine. On behalf of the German government, for example, Rheinmetall subsidiary Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH is supplying Ukraine this year with a turnkey field hospital.

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