Young woman acquitted for ‘discrediting Russian army’ with sidewalk inscription to be tried again

21 November 2022, 08:31 PM
Alisa Klymentova at the court hearing (

Alisa Klymentova at the court hearing (

Tyumen Regional Court in Russia has overturned a ruling by the Central District Court of the city and sent for a new trial a case of "discrediting the army," brought against Alisa Klimentova, who wrote on the ground “Net V***E!” local medium reported on Nov. 21.

Klimentova said was sure that the court decision would not be cancelled and the case would not have to be reviewed.

"I was really sure that the police complaint would be rejected and the judge's decision would be left unchanged,” she said, commenting on the court ruling.

“I do not know how it will pan out. It is pointless to assume anything now. In principle, I do not really like words of five letters that begin with V and end with E (such as the Russian word “voyne” or “to war”). I do have such problems.”

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Earlier, the Central District Court of Tyumen terminated the administrative case against Klimentova. At the trial, she insisted that her protest was against a certain kind of fish, and the inscription on the sidewalk should be read “Net VOBLE!”

“Vobla” is the Russian name for the Caspian Roach, Rutilus caspicus. In the inscription, the name of the fish is in the Russian language’s dative case, and thus ends with the letter “e” rather than the nominative case ending “a”.

The police did not agree with the court decision and filed an appeal.

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