Military expert says Ukraine should expect good news from Izyum area in Kharkiv Oblast soon

10 September, 04:46 PM
Destroyed Russian equipment in the Kharkiv Oblast (

Destroyed Russian equipment in the Kharkiv Oblast (

Ukraine should expect good news from the Izyum area in Kharkiv Oblast in the near future, military expert Serhiy Kuzan told Radio NV on Sept. 10.

“If we look between the lines, the Russians are trying to correct the situation that has developed quite quickly for them,” he said.

“And the only thing that limited our Armed Forces was not their defense, not their reserves, but only the availability of fuel in our equipment to move forward.”

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Kuzan claims the Russians ran into the bushes, ran away, and surrendered in whole groups as prisoners.

“The fact is the incompetent command of the Russian army, when they transported reinforcements with helicopters, and sent trucks, and threw their forces into battle in the hope that they would somehow stop the Ukrainian army,” he said.

“Of course, they did not succeed, which once again confirms the Russians are also using their usual tactics in this area, when they just overwhelm (Ukrainian troops) with numbers.”

At the same time, the expert believes it is still not necessary to underestimate the group of Russian troops, which was based in Izyum.

“The Izyum group itself is the most important group, so to speak, the ‘favorite child’ of the Russian command, because they gathered all their most powerful forces there,” Kuzan said.

He explained that Izyum’s defenses are composed of some of Russia’s strongest forces, though noted that they still are unable to replicate tactics that Ukraine has mastered, “such as the Donetsk area, when there was a planned, gradual, organized retreat with the enemy being crushed.”

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