Guterres says he opposes ‘just any kind of peace’ between Ukraine and Russia

13 November 2022, 04:14 PM
Antonio Guterres (Photo:REUTERS/Cindy Liu)

Antonio Guterres (Photo:REUTERS/Cindy Liu)

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during a visit to Cambodia on Nov. 12 said he was against "just any kind of peace" between Russia and Ukraine.

He said peace between Ukraine and Russia had to be concluded on the basis of the principles of the United Nations organization and international law.

Russia's war against Ukraine, the global energy and food crisis, and climate issues remain high on the agenda, said Guterres.

The UN’s position on Ukraine remains “clear,” he said – the full-scale invasion of Russia violated the UN charter and the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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Guterres said it was necessary to create the conditions for progressively re-establishing dialogue, which will lead to a future in which peace will prevail, adding “it has to be not just any kind of peace, but a peace based on the values of the UN Charter, and a peace based on international law.”

On Nov. 7, President Zelenskyy named five conditions for negotiations between Ukraine and Russia:

  • restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity;
  • respect for the UN Charter by Russia;
  • compensation to Ukraine from Russia for all losses caused by the war;
  • punishment of every war criminal;
  • guarantees that the invasion will not be repeated.

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