How and where to cross Ukraine’s western borders, where to find help

1 March 2022, 11:34 AM

Almost 400,000 people have left Ukraine over three days. European countries let Ukrainians in under a simplified procedure and grant them refugee status.

NV has collected useful information about crossing the borders of Ukraine, transport and help groups anyone may contact while being in the west of Ukraine or already abroad.

Where is it possible to cross the border of Ukraine and what is the queue?


• Checkpoint Mohyliv-Podilskyi – Otaci

• Checkpoint Bronnytsia – Unguri

Video of day

• Checkpoint Bolhan – Khristova

• Checkpoint Velyka Kisnytsia – Khrushka

• Checkpoint Mamalyha – Kriva

• Checkpoint Kelmentsy – Larga


• Checkpoint Diakove – Halmeu

• Checkpoint Solotvyno – Sighetu Marmaţiei

• Checkpoint Porubne – Siret


• Checkpoint Uzhhorod – Vyšné Nemecké

• Checkpoint Malyi Bereznyi – Ubľa


• Checkpoint Chop – Záhony

• Checkpoint Luzhanka – Beregsurány

• Checkpoint Kosyno

• Checkpoint Dzvinkove

• Checkpoint Vylok – Tiszabecs


• Checkpoint Yahodyn – Dorohusk

• Checkpoint Ustyluh – Zosin

• Checkpoint Krakovets – Korczowa

• Checkpoint Shehyni – Medyka

• Checkpoint Rawa Ruska – Hrebenne

• Checkpoint Smilnytsia – Krościenko

• Checkpoint Hrushiv – Budomierz

• Checkpoint Uhryniv – Dołhobyczów

The full list of state border crossings of Ukraine with Moldova, Romania, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Hungary (as of June 21, 2021) is published on the official website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Which countries are accepting refugees from Ukraine?

Refugees from Ukraine will receive temporary protection in the EU for up to three years.

Earlier, the United States declared its readiness to accept Ukrainian refugees. COVID-19 restrictions for accepting refugees from Ukraine have been lifted. Ireland canceled visas for Ukrainians. Germany’s Deutsche Bahn railway company provides Ukrainian refugees with free travel to and within Germany.

I need help. Who will help?

You may see the list of useful information below for those who leave their homes:

• United for Ukraine (housing and accommodation assistance, legal assistance, emergency contacts, refugee support centers, refugee support resources)

• Help for refugees from Ukraine in Poland from volunteers

• Pomoc dla Ukraine Group

• Dopomoga.Life – a website with useful links for Ukrainians and refugees in Moldova

Ukrainians who find themselves in Georgia can also get help with housing, transport, work – information from volunteers is available at the link – Help for Ukrainians in Georgia.

Housing in Ukraine can also be searched for through the Prykhystok online service, the Joint Action Center, the Headquarters for Coordination of Assistance to Ukrainian Artists and Cultural Figures.

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