How does Russian propaganda end up in Western media? Presidential advisor has answers

26 April, 06:44 PM
Mykhailo Podolyak spoke about Russia's ability to conduct subtle propaganda in the global mass media (Photo:Andrys /

Mykhailo Podolyak spoke about Russia's ability to conduct subtle propaganda in the global mass media (Photo:Andrys /

How does Russian propaganda end up in Western publications? 

NV asked Presidential Office advisor , Mykhailo Podolyak, in an interview with Radio NV on April 26.

Stories stating that Ukraine is preparing for a compromise like the Korean model, as featured recently in The Guardian, are simply Russian propaganda, he said.

“Undoubtedly, today Russia knows how to work more subtly than primitive propaganda,” he said.

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“All these classic Russian propagandists, from whom you and I make memes (Olga Skabeyeva, Vladimir Solovyov, etc.), have nothing to do with real attempts to conduct subtle propaganda in European or global media. They’re working more subtly.”

“Anonymous sources” in these publications try to prove that Ukraine will not have enough resources to liberate its entire territory, that the Western world will stop military aid “if Ukraine doesn’t immediately destroy all Russian capable combat units with one blow,” and that it is necessary to seek “some compromise,” he said.

In reality, a compromise is impossible, and it is necessary to adhere to a single strategy and “calmly explain that any words of pacifying Ukraine mean encouraging the aggressor.”

“If today we’re talking about negotiations, a peaceful settlement, it means that we must deliberately give up part of our territory, encouraging Russia to the next stage of the war,” he said.

“It’s necessary to ask the right questions and not be afraid that such stories appear. Just keep explaining: no peace initiatives.”

The West constantly explains that Russia in its current form has “destroyed international law,” and if it does not lose, it will encourage other regimes to become more agressive.

“The second obvious thing is that nobody dares to fight with Russia today, except for Ukraine,” he added.

Simon Tisdall, U.S. editor for the Guardian, wrote in his April 23 article that the situation on the battlefield and the allies will push Ukraine to a truce and a bloody stalemate after the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

He assumes that Russia will eventually agree to a conditional ceasefire. In return, Ukraine is spared further, unsustainable human, economic and infrastructure losses, while retaining roughly 85% of its territory.

In Tisdall’s scenario, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will survive in power despite his many documented, atrocious crimes. The missiles stop coming. Rebuilding can begin. Refugees come home. An internationally monitored, Korean-style “demilitarized zone” freezes the frontlines in place.

In this case, according to Tisdall, the United States and its west European NATO allies declare that democratic Ukraine’s sovereign independence, and the global rules-based order, are saved. Poland and other east European states are less sure.

Ukraine’s EU accession is dangled anew.

This week, noted Kremlin propagandist Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News.

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