Huge explosion rocks Kireevsk in Russia’s Tula Oblast, suspected drone impact leaves 5-meter-wide crater

26 March, 05:39 PM
Another drone crashed in the Tula region (Photo:SHOT / Telegram)

Another drone crashed in the Tula region (Photo:SHOT / Telegram)

A huge explosion rang across the Russian provincial town of Kireevsk in Russia’s Tula Oblast on the afternoon of March 26, rattling windows and setting off car alarms.

Soon footage appeared on social media of a five-meter-wide crater at what was said to be the impact site of an unidentified drone.

Videos and photographs showed extensive damage to private housing near the crater. Tula Oblast’s Committee for Regional Security later said that two people had been injured with shrapnel wounds, and had already received medical attention, Russian news website Mash reported.

Video of day

The explosion damaged three private houses, the security committee said.

Other footage circulating on social media shows a local resident with what appears to be fragments of the drone.

There have been a swathe of mysterious drone crashes in Russia in recent weeks. Several unmarked drones have been found in Moscow Oblast and the surrounding regions. In one case, a drone that had apparently run out of fuel and crashed was identified as a Ukrainian UJ22 drone. It was found near a Gasprom gas compressor station in the suburbs of Moscow.

Ukraine at the end of last year said it was developing long-range strike drones capable of flying for 1,000 kilometers and delivering a warhead with 95 kilograms of high explosive.

Kireevsk is about 330 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian-controlled part of Ukraine, and about 200 kilometers from the center of the Russian capital Moscow.

In recent months, air defense systems have been seen at sites in and around Moscow, including areas close to the residences of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and on the roof of the Russian Defense Ministry, not far from the Kremlin.

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