Hungary to block sanctions against Russia's nuclear power industry, PM Orbán says

27 January, 04:08 PM
Viktor Orbán (Photo:REUTERS/Marton Monus)

Viktor Orbán (Photo:REUTERS/Marton Monus)

Hungary will veto the European Union's sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview with national Hungarian radio station Kossuth Rádió on Jan. 27.

According to him, Budapest does not support sanctions against Moscow, though will not prevent restrictions if they do not affect "sensitive issues."

"There are items that clearly violate Hungary's fundamental interests, and we must veto them,” Orbán stated.

“Oil was like that, gas was like that. And now there are new plans for sanctions — now they want to extend them to the nuclear industry. This should obviously be vetoed. There will be a big battle.”

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In August 2022, Hungary issued a permit that would allow Russian nuclear operator Rosatom to build two new nuclear reactors.

On Jan. 20, Reuters reported that EU countries are working on a tenth package of sanctions against Russia, which will take effect on the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. According to the news agency, these restrictions will apply, in particular, to cooperation with Russia in the field of nuclear fuel.

The Washington Post has reported that Rosatom subsidiaries offered the Russian defense industry aluminum oxide, an important component for rocket fuel, as well as lithium-ion batteries to power tanks, missile defense systems, and other weapons; and chemical compounds used in aircraft and rocketry.

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