In Kharkiv Oblast, a mayor-collaborator arrested by Russians

8 July, 12:41 PM
Kupyanks mayor Hennadiy Matsehora collaborated with Russians (Photo:Kupyansk City Council/Facebook)

Kupyanks mayor Hennadiy Matsehora collaborated with Russians (Photo:Kupyansk City Council/Facebook)

Some local politicians in Ukraine decided to support the Russian army on occupied territories – not all of them got supported in return.

The Russian occupiers have arrested Hennadiy Matsehora, a mayor of Kupyansk, a town in Kharkiv Oblast, eastern Ukraine. He is considered a collaborator since he joined the occupation administration in the early days of the ongoing war, Oleg Synehubov, head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration said in a statement.

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“Matsehora is in custody. Probably, the same will happen to all traitors of Ukraine. Russia doesn’t need them,” Synehubov said in his recent TV appearance.

So far it’s unclear why the collaborating mayor was detained.

Matsehora joined the occupation administration during the early stage of the war and provided assistance to the Russian soldiers, covering their housing, transportation, and other living and operational needs, Synehubov said.

Kupyansk in Kharkiv Oblast has been living under Russian occupation since February 27.

Kharkiv Prosecution Office has accused Matsehora of conducting state treason, putting the country’s territorial integrity at risk.

After this, Matsehora took his family and fled to Russia.

A number of Ukrainian politicians decided to collaborate with Russia during its war against Ukraine. Another one of them, Andriy Derkach, a former MP, is accused by the State Security Service of preparing support groups for the Russian invasion of Kyiv.

Later, Ukraine’s Security Service arrested a man who had a job as a political consultant to a Ukrainian MP. He was collecting intelligence information on Ukraine’s diplomatic activities and now remains in custody.

However, not only politicians, but regular civilians sometimes do work for Russia’s military interests too. A high school administrator was arrested in Kyiv earlier this month for gathering private information about Ukrainian journalists and opinion leaders. She might face as many as 15 years in prison for these activities.

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