In Novgorod Oblast, another air defense system seen deployed near a Putin residence

23 January, 01:29 PM
Putin (Photo:Aleksey Babushkin/REUTERS)

Putin (Photo:Aleksey Babushkin/REUTERS)

A Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile system has been deployed in the village of Yashcherovo, Novgorod Oblast, Russia, six kilometers from one of the residences of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Russian media outlet Agentstvo reported on Jan. 23.

A resident of the town of Valday in Novgorod Oblast sent a photo taken in Yashcherovo last week to the editorial staff.

The photo shows the air defense system, which, according to the local resident, was deployed in the village “a few weeks ago.”

Residents of Yashcherovo and neighboring villages confirmed the deployment of the air defense system. According to one of them, the system is not idle and is on combat duty, since at least three servicemen are constantly seen nearby, and its radar antenna is rotating.

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Yashcherovo is one of the two closest villages to Putin’s residence in Moscow Oblast.

The dictator’s residence in Valday is known as a place for his personal leisure, and for his relatives and friends. According to abundant evidence, Russian pop stars have performed there during Putin’s private parties. In addition, Putin often meets with honored guests there behind closed doors.

Agentstvo also found out that Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems, which have recently been spotted on the roofs of buildings in Moscow and not far from the Rublyovskoe Highway in Moscow Oblast, where the Russian elite lives, are for the personal protection of Putin and his relatives.

Earlier, on Jan. 19, photos and videos of air defense systems deployed on the roofs of buildings and sites in Moscow appeared on the Internet.

An air defense system was also deployed 10 kilometres from the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence in Moscow Oblast.

Ukrainian defense company Ukroboronprom said early in November that it was developing a new strike drone with a range of 1,000 kilometers carrying a 75 kilogram warhead.

The company said on Jan. 14 that it had successfully completed a series of tests of the new drone.

Valday is about 635 kilometers from the nearest part of Ukrainian territory.

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