In Spain, Ukrainian sailor sank a luxury yacht owned by Russian military export company CEO

28 February 2022, 12:09 AM

A Ukrainian sailor has been arrested in Spain, accused of partially sinking a luxury yacht worth about 7 million euros that is owned by the CEO of Russian state weapons export company Rosoboronexport. 

He reportedly tried to sink the yacht after seeing the consequences of a Russian missile hitting a residential building in Kyiv on TV.

In a police statement, the detained Ukrainian said that the owner of the yacht was responsible for the production of weapons that are used to attack his country. When the sailor saw the aftermath of a Russian cruise missile hitting an apartment building, killing civilians near Zhulyany Airport on Feb. 27, he was furious.

Video of day

“The warhead did not explode, but more than five floors were destroyed,” the Ukrainian sailor told a Spanish judge.

Upon realizing that the cruise missile was produced by Rosoboronexport,  and since the sailor resides in Kyiv in a similar building, he decided to take revenge on the yacht's owner, the head of Rosoboronexport, by causing material damage.

Once on the yacht, he opened a valve in the engine room and a second in another in the crew compartment. He also closed the fuel valves and turned off the yacht's power. He asked the three crew members to leave the ship, hearing in response that he was "crazy". The sailor reminded the other crew members that they, too, were Ukrainians and that their homeland was under attack. He also promised to take full responsibility.

Upon police arrival, the Ukrainian sailor told them: “The owner of this ship is a criminal who makes a living selling weapons, and now they are used to kill Ukrainians.”

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