International arrest warrant issued for alleged Izolatsiya camp torturer Brazhnikov

21 January 2022, 07:29 AM

A Kyiv court has issued a warrant to arrest Russian proxy militant Yevhen Brazhnikov, charged with torturing hostages at the infamous “Izolatsiya” torture camp in Russian-occupied Donetsk, Donetsk journalist and former hostage Stanislav Aseyev said in a post on Facebook on Jan. 18. 

Brazhnikov fled Ukraine on Nov. 26 to seek asylum in France.

Now, an international warrant for Brazhnikov’s arrest has been issued, says Aseyev.

“The court proceedings have been finalized… You will join Palych (another notorious Russian proxy militant, Denis Kulikovskiy, known as ‘chief butcher’) behind bars,” Aseyev wrote.

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The “Izolatsiya” prison camp was set up on the premises of a former factory complex that belonged to a Donetsk cultural fund, before Russia occupied the region in 2014.

 Once used as a concert hall and exhibition center, it has been turned by Russian proxy forces into a gruesome torture camp for Ukrainian hostages.

People held in the prison have reported being subjected to beatings, rape, electrocution and other forms of torture, as described by Aseyev in his book “Way of Light: History of a Concentration Camp”.

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