Invaders in Kherson region want to block humanitarian aid – local official

20 April, 04:08 PM
The occupiers in Kherson region want to completely stop the work of humanitarian initiatives (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

The occupiers in Kherson region want to completely stop the work of humanitarian initiatives (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

The regional government of Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine says Russian occupying force want to block programs for the distribution of humanitarian aid to the civilian population.

Yuriy Sobolevsky, first deputy Kherson governor, wrote on his Facebook page that Russian soldiers and military groups operating in Kherson region, southern Ukraine, were harassing his team, who are trying to provide humanitarian aid to civilians.

“The orcs (Russian troops) are escalating the grade of own terror almost daily,” Sobolevsky wrote. “They are really serious about blocking our humanitarian initiatives. On a daily basis they keep searching the belongings of our team, while the security posts have to update the lists with their names.”

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“The occupants need a vacuum of political power in Kherson region, supported by a deficit of humanitarian programs for the population” added Sobolevsky.

The Russians want to fill that vacuum with their “Russian world” ideology and their own humanitarian programs, which would provide out-of-date food and medicines with no approved quality and sales record, Sobolevsky said.

“For that purpose, the invaders desperately need support from the local population as well as from leaders of local self-government, officials in the executive branch,” Sobolevsky added. “Without (that type of support) re-establishing all the vital processes in our region in short deadlines is close to impossible.”

Meanwhile, in unoccupied parts of Ukraine programs are already in place to support the civilian population.

In various Ukrainian cities the local population is able to buy food products at subsidized prices – like Polish canned meat or locally produced canned porridge. Those foods are available at big supermarkets, including foreign-owned chains.

However, in downtown Kyiv retirees who depend on public pensions say they are lacking access to affordable food. In other Ukrainian cities closer to the fighting the situation is also tense, while in Western Ukraine the humanitarian situation is better, as business activity in cities like Lviv continues more or less normally.

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