Iran denies sending military instructors to occupied Crimea

24 October 2022, 08:30 PM
Flag of Iran (Photo:mostafa_meraji / pixabay)

Flag of Iran (Photo:mostafa_meraji / pixabay)

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani denied Iranian military instructors’ presence in Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, AFP reported on Oct. 24.

Commenting on recent U.S. allegations of Tehran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, Kanani said: “We strongly deny this news.”

He also accused the United States of seeking to “distract public opinion from the destructive role it is playing in the war in Ukraine by actively exporting arms and military vehicles to Ukraine.”

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On Oct. 19, The New York Times reported that the Russian military was having difficulties using Iranian kamikaze drones to carry out attacks against Ukraine's civilian infrastructure. Also, the newspaper’s sources also said that Iranian instructors were present in Crimea, where they train Russian military personnel.

On Oct. 21, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that ten Iranian military instructors were killed in Crimea by Ukrainian strikes.

Following Iran’s apparent participation in the war on Russia’s side, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry moved to sever diplomatic relations with Tehran, calling on Western countries to impose additional sanctions against it.

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